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Government Documemts

Environmental Regulatory Enhancement Master Plan

January 4, 2000

Contributors -
Howard L. Sebastian, Francis Strother, Shirley M. Oats, Katherine Sebastian, Mark R. Sebstian, and Seth Thompson

This comprehensive document assesses the natural and cultural resources located on our historic reservation (est 1683). We are sharing this in order to build upon our ancient tribal wisdom, federal recognition petition, and archaeological programs.

The Elders that served on the land management task force have now traveled to the spirit world. We hope that their work and the work of Tribal Council and the community will serve as an educational tool for preservation and development for the seventh generation.

State of the Nation Address 2017

January 19, 2017

Contributors -
Katherine Sebastian Dring

Address how the Eastern Pequot Tribal Nation is seeking to regain its federal recognition through the new BIA acknowledgment regulations pursuant to 25 CFR section 83.12.

Eastern Pequot Tribal Nation Constitution

August 25, 2007

Contributors -
Council & tribal members

The Eastern Pequot Tribal Nation constitution.

Wintachaog Village Development Plan

February 17, 2017

A self-development project of the Eastern Pequot Tribal Nation to promote community development on the reservation by using our natural and human resources.

Chairwoman’s Statement 2018

February 10, 2018

Contributors -
Katherine Sebastian Dring

Updates regarding the tribe from the chairwomen in 2018.

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