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1st Phase Site Survey (Updated)

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

Attached are the site plans for the 4 acres that were cleared near the powwow circle, along with building designs. Please send any suggestions, questions or comments about the site survey to Please send your comments by 2/06/2023.

FYI, the Site Survey 2 document had 1 image that we didn’t get a chance to mention. It is a picture of oversized cedar siding that could be a possible material we could use. Expensive but it is traditional and attractive.

(Updated: 2 of the same files were uploaded as an error. Corrected as of 2/10)

2023-01-17 EPTN presentation (1)
Download PDF • 6.88MB

Site Survey Wyeth 2 1.17.2023
Download PDF • 1.49MB



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