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2024 EPTN Election Absentee Ballots with Official Slate

Updated: Jun 8

Anyone who sent a request by mail between the dates of 6/4 - 6/8 please send your request in again as the zip code was incorrect. The address and zip code below has since been corrected.

To request a ballot please send a signed letter to the election committee:

EPTN Election Committee

P.O. Box 52

Norwich CT 06360

Ballots must be received by July 26, 2024.

Any ballots returned with more than 1 ballot in the same envelope will be considered invalid.

Do not sign the ballot or it will be considered invalid

The only mark that should made is a

mark for who you’re voting for.

-EPTN Election Committee

Official Slate

Chairperson (3 year term) 

Brenda Geer 

Larry Wilson 

Mitchel Ray 

Comptroller (3 year term) 

Ashbow Sebastian

Valerie Gambrell

Corresponding Secretary (3 year term)

Dawn Roche 

Recording Secretary 


Council ( 3, 3 year terms) 

Darlene Hamlin

Jamus Ecclecton

Jelani Fletcher 

Jennifer Maddox

Karif Almond

Kiana Scruggs 




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