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Next Phase for Infrastructure; EPTN Member Sign-up

DEEP has officially accepted our choice for the Site planner to design the layout of the 4 acres for our Tribal Office.

Wyeth Architects LLC will start on site plans soon.

While we wait for the site designs the Tribal Council would like to get the Eastern Pequot membership involved in this project as much as possible.

Please reply to this post or send an email to to let us know how you can help.

We need Eastern Pequots with experience in using heavy machines for clearing, digging, earth moving, septic preparation, road construction, parking lot development, spreading gravel and digging trenches.

A more detailed scope of work will be announced, but we’d like to see who is interested so far so we can include you in that scope of work.

These are contracted paid positions to complete the infrastructure project.

Please reach out as soon as possible.



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