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Tribal Council Meetings

Updated: Apr 8

Below is the schedule, protocol and directions to the in person tribal council meetings for the next several weeks via Conn College and Zoom.

Tribal Council meetings are held every week on Tuesday except Holidays that fall during the week and the week following a monthly membership meeting.

The council meets via Zoom every other week and meets in person at Conn College on the weeks that aren’t on Zoom. Zoom will not be used for membership during in person council meetings.

In the event of the passing of a tribal member, the council does not meet for business. If there is not a quorum (enough councilors in attendance to conduct business) the meeting will be canceled.

The next few weeks are posted below of the scheduled council meetings. Tribal members are welcome and encouraged to attend to keep themselves and their families abreast of the ongoings of the Tribe.

If you are planning on attending please send an email to the tribal email at so we can keep track of the number of attendees, there is a maximum capacity for the room we are occupying at Conn College.

The meeting dates are as follows:


Tuesday 4/9/2024 530-730 Zoom

Tuesday 4/16/2024 530-715 Unity House

Tuesday 4/23/2024 530-730 Zoom

Tuesday 5/07/2024 530-715 Unity House

Tuesday 5/14/2024 530-730 Zoom

Tuesday 5/21/2024 530-715 Unity House


Please be aware, all members must sit outside of the meeting area of the tribal council so the meeting can be conducted effectively. Tribal members can attend meetings but may not speak or interrupt the meeting. If you are interrupting, you will be asked to exit the meeting, any further interruptions the meeting will end.


Directions – Please use route 32 to turn into the Conn College entrance. From there you will go up the hill to the guard shack. At the guard shack, you will turn right and go straight until you see the Larrabee parking lot on your right. You can park there and then walk in the opposite direction past a large house structure until you come to another house structure. This is UNITY house. You can knock on the doors at the porch, and someone will let you in. 

There is a map below highlighted in yellow the turns you will need to make. UNITY house does not show on GPS. If the guard stops you at the guard shack please let them know you are there for there Tribal Meeting.  If there are any issues, please contact a tribal councilor.



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